Research shows 6% increase in 2014.

Posted 04 January 2015

New EU rules now in place.

Posted 02 January 2015

Nearly half of digital consumers are downloading content illegally.

Posted 18 December 2014

Google News in Spain will close in December 2014.

Posted 11 December 2014

Several European countries have now reduced VAT rate.

Posted 09 December 2014

SLA Europe continues to grow its membership.

Posted 09 December 2014

Improvements scheduled to be completed by 2020.

Posted 09 December 2014

The Wellcome Trust joins initiative open to researchers working on global challenges.

Posted 02 December 2014

Latest figures show growth in Sweden's silver surfers.

Posted 12 November 2014

E-books and e-readers are now available from the online giant's Dutch site.

Posted 12 November 2014

Mass protests followed plans to tax internet usage.

Posted 02 November 2014

The winners of this year's Lovie Awards have been announced.

Posted 23 October 2014

The latest IMF World Economic Outlook report describes uneven global recovery.

Posted 09 October 2014

Ada Lovelace Day in October celebrates the achievements of women in science and technology.

Posted 09 October 2014

Collaboration with Europeana and Google.

Posted 08 October 2014

Google Campus will support innovation in Madrid.

Posted 08 October 2014

Open Science can improve European competitiveness.

Posted 03 October 2014

A new European Commission report describes the progress towards a European Research Area (ERA).

Posted 26 September 2014

New ruling by European Court of Justice sets out guidelines.

Posted 12 September 2014

Disagreement over reforms delays European White Paper on copyright reform.

Posted 25 July 2014

EU caps roaming charges by up to 50%.

Posted 01 July 2014

Overall EU lags behind US and Japan.

Posted 05 June 2014

Surprise ruling has widespread implications for search engines and social media.

Posted 20 May 2014

Twitter is expanding its social TV efforts.

Posted 03 April 2014

Seven ways to help libraries work in the digital environment.

Posted 09 March 2014