The EU is about to vote on proposed changes to Europe's copyright legislation.

Posted 02 July 2015

Latest figures report slow but steady growth.

Posted 02 July 2015

€10k fine imposed by French court.

Posted 02 July 2015

The issue of net neutrality has been rumbling around in the US for some time now, but in Europe the debate has been quieter. Ian Clark on why that might be about to change.

Posted 20 June 2015

Four new national coalitions for digital jobs to be launched in Belgium, Cyprus, the Netherlands and the UK as the EU continues its drive to tackle Europe's digital skills deficit.

Posted 19 June 2015

Marydee Ojala joined hundreds of others 'fishing for treasure in the information lake' in Prague.

Posted 19 June 2015

Regulatory concerns means Moments won't be rolled out to Europe.

Posted 19 June 2015

Study suggests total move to OA is possible with no extra costs.

Posted 05 May 2015

Google has announced a new digital partnership with eight European publishers.

Posted 04 May 2015

EC is ready to act against Google.

Posted 15 April 2015

Is Facebook making you depressed?

Posted 09 April 2015

Four countries challenging EU tax decision.

Posted 21 March 2015

Library of resources will help developers create and market apps.

Posted 20 March 2015

The initiative aims to promote coding and computational thinking.

Posted 20 March 2015

Ruling means prices are likely to increase in some countries.

Posted 09 March 2015

Reports suggest new measures will be revealed in budget.

Posted 09 March 2015

The development of a Digital Single Market is one of Europe's top ten priorities.

Posted 26 February 2015

New simplified structure planned.

Posted 26 February 2015

Claim for antitrust breach filed in Russia.

Posted 19 February 2015

Munich to return €2.5M books to Naples.

Posted 12 February 2015

The second international EuropeanaTech conference is being held in Paris on 12-13 February 2015.

Posted 29 January 2015

European Parliament publishes report on potential impact of key technologies.

Posted 29 January 2015

Latest research predicts continued e-book growth.

Posted 28 January 2015

Documents, images and sound recordings made available.

Posted 09 January 2015

Russia's Minister of Culture has announced plans to launch a Russian National Digital Library in 2015.

Posted 05 January 2015