Social Media

Disruption to BlackBerry Messaging thought to be caused by power outage in the UK.

Posted 11 October 2011

YouTube is rolling out its video rental offering.

Posted 11 October 2011

Open source project started by Dutch government employees wins Management 2.0 M-Prize by highlighting benefits of web 2.0.

Posted 30 September 2011

Councils look to social media to inform and engage citizens.

Posted 23 September 2011

Hervé Basset, independent consultant and author of the Science Intelligence blog, reviews and considers how information professionals can use it.

Posted 15 September 2011

Batgirl - librarian and calendar girl - is doing a great job promoting reading to students at an international school in Amsterdam.

Posted 02 September 2011

Phil Bradley looks forward to his presentation at Internet Librarian International 2011. He just can't tell us anything about it yet!

Posted 01 September 2011

Latest figures show growth in travel sites and continued popularity of social networking.

Posted 19 August 2011

Pharmaceutical companies are to lose the right to close their company walls to public comment.

Posted 17 August 2011

The ALISS summer conference focused on how innovative uses of social media can support academic research - and ensure that services are promoted effectively.

Posted 22 July 2011

The first UK Twitter-based libchat generated lively conversations, creative problem solving and lots of ideas.

Posted 08 July 2011

A pre-launch version of Google Plus is being tested and reviewed by a number of industry commentators. What can the rest of us look forward to?

Posted 07 July 2011

Facebook bought Skype earlier this year. It has now launched video chat on Facebook.

Posted 07 July 2011

When we last heard from our anonymous correspondent, she was about to be made redundant from a government KM role. She has now been offered a new job in the private sector. Here she explains why you should be prepared to take advantage of social networking tools - and your trusted contacts.

Posted 10 June 2011

Facebook's facial recognition feature has been greeted with some concern.

Posted 08 June 2011

After recent speculation, TweetDeck has now confirmed it has been bought by Twitter.

Posted 26 May 2011

The UK's Press Complaints Commission regulations look set to extend to newspaper and reporter Twitter feeds later this year.

Posted 09 May 2011

Hervé Basset, independent consultant and author of the Science Intelligence blog, reviews SEESMIC, which enables you to keep your social media accounts in one place.

Posted 29 April 2011

News Corp sets $100 million asking price for MySpace.

Posted 28 April 2011

Delicious has been sold to the founders of YouTube for an undisclosed sum.

Posted 28 April 2011

The Dutch are the top users of both Twitter and LinkedIn, new study shows.

Posted 28 April 2011

A panel of social media marketing experts at Social Media Forum Europe debate how organisations can build engagement and increase customer value.

Posted 31 March 2011

Can having more fun at work improve our effectiveness? Åke Nygren explores tools and apps that could put the play into work.

Posted 28 March 2011

The microblogging service celebrates its birthday by blogging some boggling statistics.

Posted 15 March 2011

Research report looks at the current usage figures and predicts trends in social networking in the EU5 countries.

Posted 14 March 2011