Search Trends

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Posted 04 February 2011

The information industry will focus on 'mobile' and 'social' in 2011.

Posted 18 January 2011

Up to 600 jobs lost at Yahoo

Posted 17 December 2010

What does 2011 hold for the development of search tools?

Posted 15 December 2010

Due to its end of year scheduling, 'Online' presents opportunities to 'pause and reflect' and to consider where future trends are leading us.

Posted 08 December 2010

If we don't understand how users are looking for and using information, how can we hope to meet user expectations?

Posted 06 December 2010

Search experts share tips, tricks and techniques

Posted 01 December 2010

'Instant Previews' provides a graphic overview of search results; 'Refine' is 'a power tool for data wranglers'

Posted 16 November 2010

'Largest ever' study says digital engagement in emerging markets is overtaking mature markets

Posted 04 November 2010

Microsoft Live Labs Pivot combines browsing and searching to visualise data in new ways

Posted 14 October 2010

Google are developing and testing self-drive technology in a bid to reduce car accidents

Posted 13 October 2010