Professional Development

Using IFTTT to connect and spread your message

Gary Green describes how a free web service can help you connect social media and other channels to save time and maximise impact.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Dec 2012

Reviewing your objectives and achievements

Did you set yourself objectives for 2012? It's time to audit your skills and achievements.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Dec 2012

Making the transition - new roles for librarians

Jane Greenstein explores opportunities available for information professionals in the interactive multimedia industry.
Featured Articles, Posted 06 Dec 2012

Identifying and filling knowledge gaps with KM

Knowledge Management initiatives are helping drive innovation and growth in a membership organisation.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Nov 2012

Interview with Kate Arnold, President-Elect of SLA

Kate Arnold is the first non-North American President Elect of SLA. Here she discusses why the information profession needs to 'reframe' itself.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Nov 2012

What Phil found - the best of the web for information professionals

Phil Bradley picks some of his favourite new web tools.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Nov 2012

UK information security skills

Collaboration between two UK bodies seeks to provide a unified skills framework.
Featured News, Posted 07 Nov 2012

The future of libraries - bright but different

David Lankes believes librarians should ask fundamental questions about the key purpose of libraries and their role in communities.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Nov 2012

Shortlist for CMI Management Book of the Year

The shortlist of 25 titles has been released.
Featured News, Posted 22 Oct 2012

Internet Librarians – reasons to be cheerful

We've been talking to speakers at ILI about the challenges and opportunities facing library and information professionals. Several key themes emerged.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Oct 2012

Getting to the ROI of internet libraries

In order to demonstrate value librarians must be willing to employ ROI methodologies and back up their claims with data says Marydee Ojala.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Oct 2012

Learning from others - and learning to say no

Suzanne Wheatley reviews her personal objectives and achievements for the third quarter of 2012 and shares some lessons learned.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Oct 2012

The unknown Google

Arthur Weiss explores features and functions not seen on the Google search bar.
Internet Resources, Posted 28 Sep 2012

2012 UKeiG Tony Kent Strix Winners

This year, for the first time, two winners are announced.
Featured News, Posted 27 Sep 2012

From collections to community – a vision of new librarianship

R. David Lankes - Internet Librarian International keynote speaker - talks about his vision for a new, transformative librarianship.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Sep 2012

Digital competence frameworks in Europe

Digital literacy is 'at the convergence of multiple literacies'. An EU project sets out to map the key digital competence frameworks in use across the EU.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Aug 2012

Developing a European network of excellence in information literacy

Two previous speakers reflect on the connections they made at Internet Librarian International and describe some of the far-reaching results.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Aug 2012

'Something special' at Library Camp SW

Claire Back was so inspired by attending a national library camp, she decided to put together a regional version.
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Aug 2012

International Librarians at US Conference

The annual conference of the American Library Association (ALA) welcomed delegates from over 80 countries. Marydee Ojala reports from Anaheim.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jul 2012
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