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Will Twitter, blogs and wikis change scholarly communication?

At the Conference on Science and the Internet (#cosci12) academics from different disciplines discussed changing practices in research and higher education.
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Aug 2012

'Something special' at Library Camp SW

Claire Back was so inspired by attending a national library camp, she decided to put together a regional version.
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Aug 2012

Using social media to support your research

An understanding of the research cycle and of the range of tools available will help researchers select the tools appropriate to their needs.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Aug 2012

Semantic technology at the London Olympics

The BBC is using dynamic semantic publishing technologies to bring the Olympics to the world.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Jul 2012

Open Access is the future of publishing, says UK Government

Government accepts controversial findings of the Finch report recommending the 'Gold' model of OA, although critics say the hybrid model will not improve access to research.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jul 2012

International Librarians at US Conference

The annual conference of the American Library Association (ALA) welcomed delegates from over 80 countries. Marydee Ojala reports from Anaheim.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jul 2012

Supporting Generation Y researchers

Results of BL/JISC research suggests there are significant opportunities for librarians to provide support to doctoral students.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Jul 2012

Help with digital preservation

How can organisations assure the long-term accessibility of their digital information? A NetIKX seminar tackled digital preservation.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Jul 2012

But I'm not on Facebook...

People who choose not to be on social networking sites should have the right not to be on social networking sites - privacy, reputation and control on Facebook.
Featured Articles, Posted 06 Jul 2012

How OA is changing the role of librarians

In an international survey, librarians were questioned about their attitudes to OA and how their roles are changing.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Jul 2012

A digital single market for Europe

In order to benefit fully from the digital revolution, Europe needs to become a digital single market - as quickly as possible.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jul 2012

Social media for internal and external communications

Organisations have changed the way they interact with their stakeholders and social media is central to this change.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jul 2012

A SMARTER way to a balanced life

Suzanne Wheatley reviews her progress against her 2012 objective of achieving 'balance'.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Jun 2012

Cultural heritage - the power of open

Cultural heritage organisations are looking for ways to open up their collections and data.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Jun 2012

Freedom of information and datasets

New legislation on datasets means further opportunities for interesting and innovative mash-ups
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Jun 2012

The EU Digital Agenda scoreboard

Achievements - and concerns - are highlighted in the latest review of the EU's Digital Agenda.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Jun 2012

Reduced budgets? Increased impact!

At the MMIT conference, delegates heard about the range of web tools and other technologies that can help deliver high impact services.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Jun 2012

Enterprise Search Europe 2012 - conference report

Martin White, the Conference Chairman of Enterprise Search Europe, shares some highlights and learnings from the recent event.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Jun 2012

Value of academic libraries

As academic institutions face increasing calls for accountability, ACRL identifies opportunities for libraries.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Jun 2012
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