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Digital detoxing - librarians and information literacy

LILAC attracts librarians and information professionals who teach or are interested in information and digital literacies.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Apr 2012

Organisations need more searchable content

Ongoing survey indicates clear need for effective enterprise search strategies.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Apr 2012

Keeping on track - reviewing your personal objectives

Now that we are officially in spring, Suzanne Wheatley decides it's time to re-visit key objectives for 2012.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Apr 2012

Well-resourced libraries drive academic success

New survey measures how academic library collections support research and teaching activities.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Apr 2012

Libraries, the digital squeeze and ebooks

Information Today publishes a range of journals, blogs, newsletters and books covering all aspects of the information space. Here we bring you some recent highlights.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Apr 2012

UKSG 2012: Car chases, librarians, and the promise of the future

The data-driven library, removing barriers for library users, and new roles for information professionals emerged as major themes at this year's UKSG conference in Glasgow.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Mar 2012

On location - the impact of geospatial information

Knowledge skills are vital if we are to get the most value out of geospatial data.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Mar 2012

Metadata and Web 2.0 in libraries

The annual meeting of the Cataloguing & Indexing Group in Scotland focused on how Web 2.0 applications are being used in libraries.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Mar 2012

Viva la open data!

'Lightning' talks and flashes of inspiration at OKFN Open Data meet-up in Scotland.
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Mar 2012

Presentation, presentation! Oh, I have lost my presentation!*

What happens if technology lets you down - could you deliver your presentation in a power cut?!
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Mar 2012

OCLC Research - investing in innovation in Europe

OCLC Research is extending its research programme in Europe.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Mar 2012

Politeness is preferable, rudeness is repulsive

It's not just your skills base, knowledge and experience that are important in the workplace. Suzanne Wheatley speaks up (politely) for good manners and courtesy.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Mar 2012

What's so social about informatics?

By exploring how humans and technology interact, user experiences can be improved. In her inaugural professorial lecture, Hazel Hall explained the importance of social informatics.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Mar 2012

Digital by design - UK initiatives for growth and openness

New business models, open data and high tech hubs can all contribute to business growth.
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Mar 2012

ACTA and the EU - the story so far

European Commissioner refers Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement to the European Court of Justice to consider its legality.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Mar 2012

Keep libraries relevant!

An OCLC report uncovers the opportunities for librarians, researchers and educators of working at 'webscale'.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Mar 2012

'Rewriting the book' - public libraries for a new age

Europe's largest public library development project is taking shape in Birmingham in the UK.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Feb 2012

Increasing impact with a reduced budget

This year's MMIT National Conference will focus on the use of new technologies to help defer the impact of reduced budgets. Olivia Greenstreet previews the programme.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Feb 2012

The magic box of Facebook

As it prepares to sell 10% of its equity, what risks and opportunities lie ahead for Facebook?
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Feb 2012
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